Assam Trade Promotion Organisation
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Special features of Maniram Dewan Trade Centre
  • Special Bus services from the centre during Exhibitions
  • Advertisement in TV Channels
  • Wi-Fi facilities within Trade Centre Complex
  • Rental free offer for all Book Fairs upto 30-11-2010

The Government Tenders

Date of Tender
Last Date of Issue/Submission of Tender Papers
04-12-2017ATPO/NIT/2009/14/ 689
27-06-2017RFP for CCTV system13-07-2017
27-06-2017Proposal details of CCTV11-07-2017
27-06-2017TENDER for AMC on SL&AV system 
27-06-2017TENDER on AMC on Firefighting system12-07-2017
20-05-2017ATPO/MDTC/Operator (S&L)/2017/15202-06-2017
19-05-2016NOTICE INVITING TENDER02-06-2016
11-05-2016Maniram Dewan Trade Centre27-05-2016
24-06-2015New Eligibility qualification29-06-2015
24-06-2015NOTICE INVITING TENDER06-07-2015
25-06-2014NOTICE INVITING TENDER06-07-2012
28-08-2012TIME EXTENSION NOTICE06-07-2012
28-08-2012ISO 9001-2008 Certification--
05-03-2012ATPO/ASIDE/S-Device/MDTC/2011/81 21-03-2012
09-02-2012NIT ATPO/NIT/FLEX/2009/3228-02-2012

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