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Exhibition Facilities

We welcome you to glve your exhibitions and trade fairs an international touch. The Maniram Dewan Trade Centre boasts of three spacious Exhibition Halls with a combined space of 2523 square metres. However, the space is in the process of being enhanced to 60,000 square feet. Centrally airconditioned,The halIs have no intermittent pilIars and columns which make them perfect for just about any exhibition layout a never before facility in the North East' Complete with vacuum dewatering flooring, bright modern lighting and dedicated ticket counters, any exhibition will take a dimension of its own for the visitor. The ceiling of the halls is constructed at a considerable height which not only gives people a sense of huge space but also movement of materials and machinery is not hindered in any way. With easy access to the lifts, lobby and the entrance plaza, along with the Exhibitions Halls are poised to make your exhibitions and trade fairs a grand success.

Conference and Convention facilities

Give your conferences the professional edge. The Maniram Dewan Trade Centre boasts of a state-of-the-art conference room complete with telecommunication and modern audio visual proiection facilities. Centrally air-conditioned, the 60 Square meter, mosaic floored conference room easily seats 19 people and with interiors one in contemporary fashion and Modern comfortable furniture. lt well connected to the other ancillary facilities in the trade centre. lf you have more people attending, the trade centre offers you the 100 seater Convention Centre. Centrally air-conditioned, mosaic floored and with a space of 130 square metres, the Convention Centre is an ideal model in modern business facilities. Its spacious tasteful environs and comfortable contemporary furnishing present the ideal venue for any convention. Further, a bigger 450 seater convention centre is in the pipeline. For the Media:The Trade Centre presents to you a modern international standard Media Centre ideal for addressing and briefing journalists and correspondents.The media centre also features modern telecommunication equipment and wi-fi connectivity for dissemination of reports and other information in the fastest way possible.
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